Frequently asked questions and answers

I tried to format my Lamina tablet and it’s now missing drivers.

Please do NOT try to format and reinstall Windows 8.1 (or Windows 10) by yourself. This is NOT supported by Lamina products due to licensing rights.  If you have, contact your Lamina dealer to have your unit restored. It is not possible to install a regular Windows 8.1 downloaded from Microsoft’s website. It will not work due to several issues, wherein the license key is one and the drivers another. Your Lamina dealer can of course reflash your unit to make it usable again.

What do I do if there is not enough disk space to install Windows security updates?

Try cleaning out your temporary files. Search for “Free up disk space on this computer and check if there are any app that is unreasonable If so, remove it before you try to install the updates. Also empty the cached files from your browsing history, and perform a disk cleanup. Search for “Free up disk space by deleting unneeded filesand select the appropriate option to remove (eg Temporary Internet Files”, Downloaded Program Files” and “trash).


If removing your temporary files is not enough, then do a total reset of your Lamina by opening the start menu, and search for Recovery options,” choose “Remove everything and reinstall Windows,” and then follow the onscreen instructions. Choose Clear the computer completely” when the option is given. When the tablet is restored, go to Windows Update (“Settings” -> Update“) and install the updates that are available. Next, reinstall the apps you use. Do not forget that your Lamina should be connected to the charger if you do this.


The tablet won’t start when I push the power button.

The tablet might be set to the sleep mode. Try to push and hold the power button for 10 seconds to shut it off, and then push the power button again to turn it on.


Is it possible to update my Lamina T-701.B, T-801.BR or T-1001.BM to Windows 10?

It is NOT recommended to update your tablet to Windows 10. It will result in missing drivers and system registry errors – do NOT attempt to update your Lamina T-701.B, T-801.BR or T-1001.BM to Windows 10 unless you are an advanced user.

Here is a brief guide on how to do it. Try at your own risk:

  1. Media Creation Tool
    1. Win 10 Home 32bit
  2. USB 16GB
  3. Right click/Mount
  4. Double click the setup file
  5. Follow the instructions, choose ”do not save anything” when prompted
  6. Wait
  7. Wait
  8. Create a new user in Windows 10
  9. Activate Windows
  10. Install the driver for G Sensor Accelerator (recquires a free account), http://www.linxtablet.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=815)
    1. G Sensor Accelerator-driver
    2. Regfile that comes with the ZIP-filen above
    3. Change the values in the registry as desired. (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE%5CSYSTEM%5CCurrentControlSet%5CEnum%5CROOT%5CSENSOR%5C0000%5CDevice+Parameters%5Ckxfusion)
  11. Hope for the best!


My Lamina T-801.BR (or T-1001.BM) is not loading while connected through micro-USB.

Lamina T-801.BR and T-1001.BM is not chargeable through the Micro-USB, only the charger supplied with pins can be used to charge those models.


How do I install Office on my Lamina?

Swipe the start menu to the right, and you will find an icon named Microsoft Office. Click it and follow the instructions.


There is no keyboard on the screen, how do I type?

Tap with your finger on the text field you want to write in, and the keyboard will pop up. This may be necessary even if it looks as if the cursor is already in the text field.


My Lamina has little room left, how do I install an app to an external memory card?

Because of restrictions within Windows 8.1, it is not possible to install apps to an external memory card.


How do I factory reset my Lamina T701BR, T801BR or T1001BM?

Open up the start menu and search for ”Recovery options”-> ”Remove everything and reinstall Windows”. Follow the instructions on the screen. Choose “Full clean the driver” when alternatives are shown. Don’t forget that you’re Lamina should be connected to the charger when you do this.
Note: This will remove all of your documents and saved files on your Lamina,  and restore it to the same state it was in when you packed it out of the box the first time.


Does the Lamina T801BR or T1001BM support SIM-cards?

No, none of these models supports SIM-cards. Unfortunately, there have been a misprint in the manual to them, whereby it can be seen that there is support for SIM cards, but that is not the case. We apologize for this typographical error.


My Lamina is talking when I click on icons, and marks them out with a blue frame. How do I turn this off?

You have turned on the Windows screen reader, which is a tool to support those with poor eyesight. To disable this mode, press and hold the Windows Home button, while at the same time pressing the volume up button. This will turn off the screen reader mode and change your Lamina back to normal.